What Are They And Why Would You Want To Have Them

Vinyl window coverings offer a few different uses and have become quite popular for those creative types and decorating enthusiasts alike. Printmoz vinyl stickers typically last years. They can be used for a few different applications. For example, some of them are designed to be UV light filters or blockers and when used on south facing, or otherwise prolonged sun exposed windows they can help control the temperature of a room or whole home.

These are more opaque and heavily frosted types of vinyl coverings, but there are other thinner versions that can offer another type of heat room temperature control by adding an extra barrier to heat escaping. This type offers heat retention in the wintertime – like a cheap alternative to installing of double panned windows.

No matter the type, they almost all come in a variety of designs that were created to add some interesting character to your windows. Printmoz carries several vinyl stickers and you can customize them to whatever you need. Whether covered in; circles, squares, or other shapes of varying sizes; a single picture like a tree or squirrel – really any simple picture; or a complex geometric pattern, there are plenty of options for decorating and brightening up a room. Some even offer an attractive filtering of sunlight, making a cascade of rainbows dancing across the room as the angle of the sun changes throughout the day.

How To Install A Vinyl Window Covering

Before actually attaching a vinyl window covering there are a few pre-application things to take care of.

I. First of all, you want to lay the whole piece out and let it relax. This is because they often come rolled up in tight rolls that alter the way the sheet of vinyl will fit up against a flat surface. So fully unroll the entire sheet and lay it out flat on a surface somewhere. Something flat like a tile or vinyl floor, or table surface works best but carpet works too. Just stretch the entire vinyl sheet out flat, pinning the corners down with weights of some kind and let it relax there for as long as it takes for it to lose the curl created by being rolled up for so long.

II. Next, you need to prepare the window itself for the vinyl to stick correctly. Usually, they are applied by only using the static cling naturally created between vinyl and glass coming together. To prepare the window use a spray bottle filled with water and a couple tablespoons of vinegar. This will remove any dirt, grime, or grease on the window surface that might prevent the vinyl from sticking properly.

III. Finally, it is time to apply the vinyl to the window. Just cut to size, so that there is about an inch overlap hanging over the edged past the glass – this will be trimmed off using a razor blade as the final step. Once it is the right size, square the whole piece up and locate the image or pattern how you want it to be for final installation. Hold the whole piece in place and starting from one corner stick the vinyl up against the window firmly (some have a plastic film that needs to be removed first. If that is the case then put that side against the window and as you peel the plastic away, stick the vinyl to the window trailing the peel direction). Once vinyl is stuck to the window, using a piece of hard cardboard, flat plastic – like a spatula – or other hard flat object, to work out any air bubbles from behind the film.

IV. Finally, take a razor blade or box cutter and trim the excess off of the vinyl making it perfectly fit the window pane you have applied it to.

V. Enjoy your work and a job well done. Check out how the new window covering brightens up the room and adds a touch of creative design to the room and be proud of what you have accomplished.